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I started my dance studies at Ballets de San Juan at a very early age and included studies in modern dance with my most influential dance teacher, Cuban-born Petra Bravo, founder of Hincapie Danza at University of Puerto Rico, USA. Petra Bravo has most influenced my dance style with teachings that burst into an expansion out of the lines of the ballet barre. Petra is able to teach Ballet and then in a second, make you burst it in open space into the point you never thought you reach in dance, point zero, the eternal point, what we can describe in Yoga as a Heart opening, using intense improvising techniques, and making you awaken passion into the dance, at no time notice upon leaving your barre warmup, I found it very intense and real at the same time. I became her student at age 18. I studied with her most contemporary dance techniques among them notably are the Isadora Duncan technique and the Martha Graham technique.

I studied Puertorican folk dance with Dance Master Petra Cepeda. She uses live drums in all her classes, and I was then introduced to dance with live drumming, which is one of our traditional folk dance styles. These dances use pure improvisation, it is a language between the drum and the dancer.

I completed and continue practice of Dance of Oneness® Training Programs with Iranian Danseuse Banafsheh Sayyad, founder of Los Angeles/New York based Namah Dance. I immersed deeply into her teachings offered in traditional dance school of Contemporary Persian, Gurdjieff Movement, Sufi Sacred Ritual, Classical Persian, Flamenco and Tai Chi/Qigong Somatic Movement. I have also assisted Banafsheh Sayyad into translating some of her teaching works to Spanish. I have traveled to Turkey with Banafsheh Sayyad's Namah Dance for various trainings, workshops and other programs. I also did extra hours in her student residency program, and currently continue training with Banafsheh on a regular basis.

Currently being based in Los Angeles, I returned to Puerto Rico in 2009 to take my first North Indian Classical Kathak Lucknow Gharana Dance lessons with New York based, Director of Kathak Ensemble and Friends, Guru Smt. Janaki Patrik, disciple of Guru Pandit Birju Maharaj, at Danzactiva in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Guru Smt. Janaki Patrik has founded her school in 1978 in NYC. These very first Kathak lessons showed me something that changed my life, eternal love for Kathak.

I currently continue studies in California in the guru-shishya learning traditions of North Indian Classical Kathak Dances of the Jaipur Gharana with California/India based Guru Smt. Prachi Dixit, Master of Classical Indian Music, Vocals and Dance, disciple of the Late Shri Kanhaiya Lal and Nrytiacharya Guru Late Shri Narayan Prasad, from Agra, India.

I have also been blessed to be able to continue to learn from masters of the artform in the Lucknow, Jaipur and Benares Gharanas of Kathak: Smt. Shobha Koser, Smt. Kumudhini Lakhia, Smt. Ishira Parikh, Shri Maulik Shah, Shri Prashant Shah, Smt. Shambhavi Dandekar, Smt. Maneesha Sathe, Smt. Vidha Lal, Shri Abhimanyu Lal, Smt. Sharmila Sharma, Smt. Saswati Sen and have received blessings (guru darshan) from Pt. Birju Maharaj ji.

The guru-shishya tradition is the ancient traditional teaching method used in India for centuries.The teaching methodology consists of direct transmission of learnings from teacher/tradition lineage (parampara) to students from one generation to next, preserving its purity for centuries as a living artform.

Throughout my life, since very young, I have collaborated with teachers, students, musicians, dancers, poets, and artists from United States, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Brazil, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, North/West Africa, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

I am currently based in Los Angeles, California and participate within the local arts community as well as travel for workshops and other special events, within U.S., Europe, India and other countries.

Dance is the language of the Soul  -  Margie Velazquez



Azahaarsham Dance Mystical Arts Atelier/KathakWest Dancespace Los Angeles

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